I have been fortunate enough to have developed a great working relationship with Dave Osborn, whom I think is a very reputable breeder and from getting to know him over the years, I have learned so much important information on how to train and take care of an Akita properly.

I like his style, I think he is very caring and this shows by the way he breeds his dogs and from the many conversations we have had about Akitas. I am thankful that we have a good friendly relationship because he is the first person I will turn to if I have any issues with my dog and this is very important because he knows his dogs very well and this includes all of the minute details about temperament, health, and general care of Akitas.  Over the 12 years that I had my dog Sumo, it was a pleasure to send Dave reports and photos and to simply keep in touch because I know he enjoyed hearing from me and seeing Sumo develop and grow into such an exemplary dog. Dave has always given me the best advice. This trust that we have developed over the years is something that can never be broken, and I consider myself lucky to have met Dave and to have been entrusted with caring for one of his dogs.


July 23, 2020


After being an Akita owner for 26 years, I can honestly say that Buckridge Akitas is phenomenal and trustworthy. I had the pleasure of meeting Dave and Ellen December 6, 2019. After completing their application, I received a response that they had several male akitas ready for adoption. Just putting our boy down 6 weeks earlier, we were not ready to adopt. Dave informed me that another litter was just born and would be ready in the time frame that we were looking. We were going to be in the area and I asked if it would be okay to stop by to meet, and perhaps pick out one of the new puppies to take home at a later date? 

Upon arriving to the facility, we were greeted and led into the area that a couple of the original puppies that were ready to go home were. When I tell you that it was love at first sight, I am not exaggerating. Both puppies were beautiful, but my family seemed to just immediately click with one of them. I cannot stress enough how we were not looking so soon to bring another family member in, but it turned out that he was the right puppy for us. He was literally everything we were looking for...healthy, sweet, gentle and attentive. We were showed the 2 week old puppies, but our hearts were already taken. My husband said that he knew within a millisecond that he was going to be ours. 

After the decision was made, Dave and Ellen brought in several of their dogs so we could see them and their temperments. The dogs were beyond friendly, had amazing dispositions and the most luxurious coats we had ever seen. The other thing that really caught our eye was how much the dogs loved both Dave and Ellen. You could easily see how they were well taken care of and very loved. 

Before taking our puppy home, we spent over an hour with Dave and Ellen on the care of Akitas. Again, we have been Akita owners for 26 years, but still picked up very valuable tips from grooming and feeding to potty training. Their knowledge of the breed was astounding and we appreciated the fact that they wanted the best care possible for all of their dogs. 

It took us almost a week to name our little boy Ozzy. He is the first Akita that we have owned that immediately likes and plays with all dogs. He is healthy, friendly, gentle and just an amazing addition to our family! He has helped fill a huge hole in our hearts and is just perfect 

I cannot recommend Buckridge Akitas enough! Their knowledge of the dogs is beyond belief and the love for them is even more! 


January 27, 2020




“I was in search for another Akita as I had just put my 4th girl down and was extremely sad.  Everywhere I looked no one measured up until I came upon Buckridge Akitas.  I almost talked myself into taking a break until I saw these beautiful well cared for animals.  I was totally in awe and now I just had to convince Dave Osborn I would be worthy of a puppy of his!  This man is extremely careful who he sends his pups home with and thoroughly vets potential owners.  This did not bother me in the least and it made me think that if every person who bred dogs operated in this conscientious and thoughtful manner there would not be a need for animal shelters nor humane societies as dogs would be placed in only “forever” homes.  The baby girl I received is totally awesome and the most beautiful, smart, healthy, silly, playful little puppy. She loves people and is very alert and quite easy to train. Dave and Ellen share so much information with their lifelong dog experience that you get much more than a wonderful addition to your family!  Even myself, after owning this breed for 36 years picked up a lot of great information.  They are always a phone, email or text away to assist with any question or concern.  This has helped a lot because even an experienced dog owner has questions with a new pup in the household.  These two are awesome and my experience has been nothing short of extraordinary.  My girl is the best and I am totally in love with her and look forward to many years of sharing our lives together.  Thank you for my new best friend, Ellen and Dave.  I will be forever grateful.”



North Ridgeville, OH

September 17,2020


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