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JUNE 9, 2020

Photo taken June 3, 2020

Photo taken June 4, 2020

Photo taken June 5, 2020









































































All photographs used on this website are original pictures and are 100% Unaltered in any way.  We do not fix, change, add or remove anything.

I challenge all other photographers, website designers, websites, magazines, and advertisers to do the same.

Please contact me by email at Dave@buckridgeakitas.com

Thank you to all, for your nice comments on our New Website. It is a new, simpler style, that will allow us to do more things and update more often. All dogs listed on the left are actual dogs that live here at our home. They are not living somewhere else, and not owned by someone else.


"Real dogs, living with Real people! "

All of the pictures of our dogs, on this website are unaltered. We are still:

"Real people, with Real dogs!"

Please inquire about available puppies.

Please email me at:


Many of the pages have been updated and new dogs added. Many more dogs to be added soon!

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