We are proud of our dogs.
 Please understand that we are responsible breeders who care about the quality of life of "our" babies. We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and sign it and return it to us.  We will ask for pictures of where the new Akita will live, eat, sleep, play and fenced in areas. Proper fencing is important. We do not believe in invisible fencing, as it provides no protection to your dogs and can not provide the security that your family member deserves.  We want safety and confidence that your best friend is safe at all times.
We will ask lots of questions. We want you to understand the traits of an Akita, and we want to know what your expectations are and if an Akita will match those expectations. We do understand that an Akita does not fit into all situations and sometimes may not be the right breed for you, or maybe just not at this time. We also want you to ask questions and make good knowledgeable decisions that are committed to a lifetime and lifestyle. Please understand that the purchase price of the puppy is only the small portion of the costs involved with responsible care.
Thank you,
Dave Osborn

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